Anne Lemaître, young author photographer, lives and works in Reims. Trained for a bachelor in photography at Condé Nancy, she combines authenticity and technique to photograph softness, poetry and light.

Significant meetings, in particular with Sophie Boidin, Marie-Noëlle Boutin and Ola Rindal, made her grow up, improve in her personal photographic writing and develop her own look.

During the time she studied, she had an opportunity to hand down her passion for photography through some classes she gave in a high school and one intervention in another school. Transmitting her passion for Photography is a part of her artistic practice.

« My universe revolves around nature and portraits, I try to capture emotions, sensations. It’s important for me to give light to what I see, a touch of softness and life, soft colors. Nevertheless, I want to affirm the strong light, it has got a great importance in my work. »

« I like working with a silver camera. This approach gives me the possibility to take my time. I use both 6 x 6 inch and less. I try to get a pallet of pastel colors : I want to show with much softness what I see. Consequently my photographs are often overexposed and chromatic aberrations appear. »



March 21, 2015 Ephemeral Poetry - Reims - group exhibition


Septembre 2014 CCAM September 2014 - Nancy - group exhibition
Septembre 2014 Lycée Jean Jaurès - Reims - Places of Memory
Juin 2014 Space Torch - Reims - disappear